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AI powered CMS that innovates at Every Content Stage: Ideation, Creation, Distribution, Monetization, and Analytics.

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Innovating at Every Content Stage

AI assisted Content Creation and Repurposing

Make Content SEO corrections using AI. Repurpose your content faster - from Article to Web Stories | Article to Videos | Article to Social Posts | Article to Newsletters etc.

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Optimized Reader Experience for better Engagement

Auto-optimized Core Web Vitals that turn your SEO signals green. Seamless Reader Experience ensured using AI based content suggestions, read in shorts / TLDR view, read aloud, infinite scroll and much more.

Auto-Scaling Hosted Service ensuring Performance & Security

AWS based hosting infrastructure equipped to handle varying levels of traffic & security threats, ensuring consistent performance even during peak periods.

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Unparalleled Content Distribution Stack that evolves

Distribute your content easily at click of a button, across email newsletter, social media channels, organic channels and referrals.

Insights & Actionables

Enterprise level Analytics to answer any question - What categories are working for me? | Which content is performing the best? | Who is performing for me?

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Monetisation & Central Ad Ops

Fully Managed Revenue stack that matches top media houses, including Reader Revenue (Paywalls), AdSense, Header Bidding, Display Demand Partners, Native ads, Direct ads and Video ads.

How Publive builds your Success Story


Amplifying your Reach (Traffic)

• Organic growth (Google, Bing etc), Google Discover, Google News feed
• Referral channels - Flipboard, Google News, Dailyhunt, JioNews etc
• Repurposing and Amplifying for Social Distribution
• Native Email Newsletters based growth


Enhancing Reader Engagement

• Average Session Duration
• Pages / Session
• Page Loading Time
• Core Web Vitals
• Loyal Returning Users


Multiplying Revenue

• Better CPMs with more Demand Partners bidding for your inventory
• Revenue Stack with Native Ads, Video Ads, Paywalls etc.
• Positive Balance between Revenue and User Experience


Building Operational Efficiencies

• COST SAVINGS across hosting, plugins, tech, consultants, SEO, newsletters, analytics etc.
• TIME SAVINGS in content creation, distribution, and consultant coordination.
• PRODUCTIVITY by helping set KPIs for writers, editors etc.


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